First Methodist is a Safe Sanctuary

What is Safe Sanctuaries?
Safe Sanctuaries is the name commonly given by local United Methodist Annual Conferences and local churches to their individual efforts to make conference, district, and local church programs welcoming and safe for children and youth.

Why do we need to have this Safe Sanctuaries program?
As a Church, we believe, the physical and emotional safety, as well as the spiritual growth of all God’s children and youth, is important. We  are committed to the holistic well-being of each child, youth, and adult entrusted to us. We believe that we as a Church must take reasonable steps to love and protect our children and youth while they are involved in programs and activities provided in and by our local churches, districts, and our Conference. In addition, we must take reasonable steps to love and protect those adults who work with our children and youth.

The resolution Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in the Church was adopted in 1996 and reaffirmed in 2000 and 2004 by the General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

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