The Mary L. Collins Pipe Organ

Beginning in 2007 the Mary L. Collins Pipe Organ underwent design concepts for a renovation that included many organ styles. It has the ability to control the Musical Instrumental Digital Interface sound modules from its keyboards and pedalboard. It has the ability to meet any practical musical task, from providing appropriate sounds for various historical organ repertoire performances to contemporary accompaniments for choirs, vocalists or instrumentalists. The organ has 107 ranks and almost 7000 pipes. Three enclosed pipe chambers are located at the front of the Sanctuary behind the cross and screen while an exposed division sits in front of the expression shutters, also behind the Sanctuary screen. The antiphonal division is mounted on the back wall in the Sanctuary gallery.,

Jonas Nordwall, our church organist for almost 40 years, is equally skilled in both traditional classical and modern/popular schools of music performance. He has over 30 highly-acclaimed recordings on a variety of labels.

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