The Return Home

Eight of the VIM group took the 45-minute bus ride from Bethlehem to Ben Gurion Airport in TelAviv on Saturday, Nov 5.

Mark and helena Greathoouse went on to Prague, and Leif and Marge Terdal, Pat Brockman, Shirley Knight, Sandy Lofy, and Maxine Thomas flew to Newark and then Portland.

Questions at Ben Gurion were brief and easy to answer. When asked about her I Love Palestine bag, Sandy asked the guard, “Do you want it?” Sandy also had to reshuffle items from her overweight checked bag to Maxine’s carry-on to avoid a $200 extra charge.

Pat waited about an hour to get her boarding pass because her husband Cal’s name was still on their passenger list even though he had cancelled months before. Perhaps someone thought Cal was staying on in Israel. Instead he met Pat at PDX with a bouquet of flowers.

The remainder of the flight went smoothly, and we arrived at PDX only an hour later than our original schedule–tired, glad to get home, and full of memories of a wonderful experience.

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