A few years ago it was W.W.J.D. You remember those plastic bracelets ostensibly worn to remind a Christian to think through daily decisions and big ethical dilemmas by asking themselves, What would Jesus do?

I think W.W.J.D. may be passe. In fact, I think it might be good to trade in those bracelets for a new model, sporting these initials: W.W.J.C.

Now I have to admit this is not my first prototype (I thought of a few other intitials but decided they might be a little too edgy). WWJC – I think it is time we thought through daily decisions and seemingly big dilemmas by asking ourselves: Why would Jesus care?

Asking that particular question might help clarify a lot of our thinking – in our homes, our workplaces, even in our church. It might help us to see where we are majoring in the minors, and letting our attention be diverted from the real work of making disciples for Christ and transforming the world. It might help us to let go of things which no longer serve us and to move beyond the things which often divide us.

We take ourselves so seriously. It is a good thing to lighten up every once in a while, to relax and look around and enjoy what we see. And then to take a deep breath, go back to the situation at hand and ask that question, Why would Jesus care? We might be surprised – and even liberated – by the answer!

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