Everyone is Creative … And Everyone is Invited to Create!

If we believe what we say – that we are created “in the image of God” – then we must believe that we are all creative beings! Too often we erroneously identify “creative” people as those who are artistically inclined. Yet we all create in some way every day.

A Public Broadcasting special outlined four important tools needed to develop our own creativity:

  1. Faith in yourself as a creative being
    Start noticing all your creative acts – everything from choosing your wardrobe for the day, to providing supper for your family, to writing a letter to a friend, to…?
  2. An absence of judgment
    Find ways to silence that inner critic long enough to allow you to develop creative ideas and follow creative impulses wherever they may lead.
  3. A keen observation
    Practice looking at the world with the wonder of a child and the keen eye of the scientist.

    Notice what you see and pay attention to details all around you.

  4. Deep questioning
    Allow your own curiosity to open up new possibilities for creativity, playfulness and joy.

Now that I’ve got you thinking about yourself as a creative being, I’d like to invite you to join me for a Creative Planning Party!

Wednesday, November 30th at 6:00 pm we’ll meet in the Fireside Room for supper (I think I’ll “create” some soup and bread), and a chance to create some images, themes, designs and plans for the season of Lent.

This will be a truly playful experience, and my goal is to leave at 8:30 that night with these things in place:

  1. A theme for our congregation’s Lenten season
  2. A rough plan for Sunday morning worship including visual images, music, Scriptures, experiences which will help us flesh out the theme
  3. A preliminary plan for Wednesday evening suppers and Lenten programs
  4. A few suggestions for “Discipleship Options” we can offer to help the congregation use the season to deepen their own spirituality (something along the lines of “Making Christmas Count” – only for Lent!)

Let me know you’re coming by calling the church office, 503-228-3195, or emailing me directly, dpritchard@fumcpdx.org.

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