Top 10 Lessons from Sabbath Time

We all know that one of the commandments Moses brought down the mountain from God is this one: Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. In our busy world where we are constantly bombarded with choices and options for how we spend our time, we would do well to consider why we might want to remember the Sabbath and how we might keep it holy.

In true David Letterman fashion, then, let me suggest to you some of the things I have learned about taking time out for rest, renewal and spiritual nourishment. I call these my Top Ten Lessons from Sabbath Time:

#10: The world will go on even if you take some time out from the normal routine.
#9: Others are willing and very able to fill in for you if you ask them.
#8: Cleaning out cupboards and drawers is not as important as spending time playing games, making art, seeing movies, reading books, visiting friends, praying, worshipping, laughing… (No wonder we all have perpetual junk drawers!)
#7: It is possible to live without email, or at least to limit it to once or twice (okay, maybe three times a day!)
#6: Your dog really loves you no matter what, but will love you even more if you take him or her for long walks.
#5: Don’t be afraid to try new ways to connect with God. Don’t limit yourself to spoken words – try art forms, or movement, or silence, or conversation with a spiritual friend, or…?
#4: Dream big dreams and be willing to follow them. Who knows where God might be calling you?
#3: A little time spent playing goes a l-o-n-g way when you go back to working.
#2: You cannot underestimate the power of prayer.

And the #1, Top Lesson from Sabbath Time…

Don’t try to micro-manage, limit, or minimize God’s grace!

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