Rev. Donna PritchardDuring the four Sundays in Advent, I have been leading an inter-generational Sunday School class called the ADVENTure. This group meets in the Fireside Room from 9 to 10:15 each Sunday morning (through December 18). We are learning about Advent, and preparing for Christmas while we also are connecting with each other through storytelling, games, Bible reading… even a little bit of art.

I have been pleased with the enthusiasm and the willingness of the adventurers to play along. Like the first week, when I shared this quote from Martin Luther King, Jr: “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the rest of the staircase”, and asked that each person write their own metaphor to describe faith.

Here’s just a sampling of the rich metaphors created:

  • Faith is expecting the dawn in the middle of the night.
  • Faith is beginning before you know the ending.
  • Faith is knowing you are loved even when you are all alone.
  • Faith is lying all the way down in a hammock.
  • Faith is not just believing in a chair; it is sitting down.
  • Faith is gratitude.

Then, this last week, we looked at the story of John the Baptist, out in the wilderness, serving as Jesus’ advance man. And I asked the folks to work in groups, pretending that Jesus had commissioned them to create a few advertising posters announcing his coming and preparing his way.

Using old magazines and a little bit of glue, here are a couple of “ads” created:

Real Simple
The Father’s
Saving you
Artist in Residence – In the World – Encouraging Community

(and how about this one…)

When did you first understand the meaning of Love?
What does real food mean to you?
Discover a new Way – Refresh You – It’s a Revolution!

I like the creativity and the wonder of thinking about Advent/Jesus/Christmas/God/And Us… in some new ways. It helps me to Make Christmas Count. There’s still time, if you’d like to join the ADVENTure…I’ll see you next Sunday!

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