Named for the Roman god Janus, the protector of doorways and gates. You may remember from your mythology classes that Janus is always pictured with two faces, one looking to the past and the other facing the future. How interesting that those early Romans thought about protection needing to involve both the past and the future!

At the beginning of another calendar year, it might be good to employ a little bit of Janus’ genius. It might be good for us to protect our doorways, our gates, our passages, if you will. It might indeed be wise for us to protect this new year from the regrets and the leftover fears of the year just past. Likewise, it might serve us well to protect 2012 from the rigid expectations and imagined outcomes we place upon the future.

Those Romans may be onto something. Something which goes beyond resolutions easily made and even more easily broken. To be protected in this present moment, traveling through the gate from 2011 into 2012, could be a very good thing, indeed.

And I believe it is a possibility! Not because I am looking for Janus to save us; but rather for the wisdom he imparts. Let us not be trapped in our past nor lost in our future. Let us be here, today. Because it is January!


By the way… Did you know January is National Diet Month? No surprise there, for sure… but what about these other celebrations: Prune Breakfast Month? Bread Machine Baking Month? National Egg Month? National Hot Tea Month? Oatmeal Month? National Hobby Month? National Book Blitz Month? National Radio Month? Or how about my personal favorite… National Be On Purpose Month?!

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