From What a Great Idea!

How to Kill your Own Ideas:

  • Expect to receive all the credit
  • Never look for a second right answer
  • Drag your feet; lack a sense of commitment or excitement
  • Run it through endless committees
  • Wait for market surveys and full market analysis
  • Hold lengthy meetings to explore its merit
  • Boost cost estimates, just to be safe
  • Set unrealistic deadlines
  • Don’t get opinions, ideas, or feedback from others
  • Make sure it is the only idea you ever have

How to Generate Even More Ideas:

  • Use the “what if” compass – suggest opposite actions to test out an idea. For example, What if we stretch it – or shrink it. What if we combine it – or separate it. What if we appeal to kids – appeal to seniors?
  • Use a negative definition – think about what something is not. For example, The conflict is not – life threatening, it is not the first or the last, it is not all we do in church.
  • Flip-flop results – think about producing the opposite from what you desire, to give you a new perspective on the problem.
  • Challenge assumptions – ask “why” or “why not” with some regularity
  • Creative borrowing – what ideas you’ve seen or heard about elsewhere might work for you in your situation?
  • Metaphorically speaking – Try using metaphors to describe your problem or see it in a new light.

From What a Great Idea! 2.0 by Chic Thompson

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