February Thank Offering

Sisters of the Road CafeThe third Sunday of every month we take a special “Thank Offering” to support organizations beyond the church who are engaged in positive or ministries of compassion and service.

You are invited to share a brief word of gratitude for something or someone in your life as you bring your gift to support these ministries. February 19th our gifts will go to Sisters of the Road Cafe in downtown Portland.

Here is a little information about this organization, taken from their website, www.sistersoftheroad.org:

Since 1979, Sisters Of The Road has been an essential part of the Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood. Sisters offers a space to build community, empower ourselves, learn from one another, dine with dignity and organize for justice and human rights for all.

Sisters Of The Road exists to build authentic relationships and alleviate the hunger of isolation in an atmosphere of nonviolence and gentle personalism that nurtures the whole individual, while seeking systemic solutions that reach the roots of homelessness and poverty to end them forever.

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