Cobwebs and Lent

Recently I was cleaning up my house, preparing for company when I decided to clear away the cobwebs in the corners of the ceilings. I thought this job would take just a few minutes when I hauled the little vacuum out of the closet.

But the funny thing is – once I started clearing away cobwebs, I noticed how many of them were there! Paying attention to the job gave me eyes to see what I previously had not noticed at all.

So what I thought would be a quick job turned into much more extensive – but highly satisfying – work.

I’ve been reflecting on this experience recently – especially in light of the season of Lent. It occurs to me that the Pritchard house may provide a metaphor for the interior dwellings we each inhabit, where it is easy to live day by day without noticing the dust and the cobwebs accumulating in the corners of our souls.

Lent provides an opportunity to enter into some spiritual “good housekeeping”, dragging out whatever it is that helps you to clear away impediments to your relationship with God.

Often, when we take the time to do this, our eyes are opened and what we think might be a quick job turns into much more extensive – but hugely satisfying work. And it helps if we remember we do not have to do this work alone.

The truth is, we are in this life of faith together for a reason. We are in this spiritual life together on purpose – on God’s purpose. Because we need each other to help recognize our goodness and potential, alongside our brokenness and challenge.

When my company arrived, I told them about my cleaning frenzy. And of course they pointed out a few cobwebs I had missed. It turns out that whether clearing out the cobwebs in the corners of our ceilings, or the broken places in our own hearts – another pair of eyes, another mind, another heart can help us beyond measure.

This is what we have to offer each other. This is what we have to give to the world beyond our doors. Because coming together makes the job much more extensive – yet also hugely satisfying, exciting, rewarding, and fun. Thanks be to God!

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