Easter Onward!

Rev. Donna PritchardAs I write this we are just a week away from Holy Week, when we will retrace Jesus’ final journey into Jerusalem, his institution of Holy Communion, his arrest, suffering and death on the cross… all of which culminates of course in Easter Sunday’s resurrection celebration.

That means we are about to wrap up our weekly Lenten suppers and our experiential learning around “Spiritual Practices”. Over the past five weeks we’ve learned Centering Prayer, Body Prayers, Lectio Divina, Meditation practices, and Spirit Singing…all offered as ways to deepen our connections and help us to enter the “Pathways to Life in the Spirit”.

Bruce Epperly writes a blog in which he comments on weekly Scripture for preaching. Recently he commented on this whole notion of the spirit pathway in this way:

“God’s vision for our lives is not externally imposed. It emerges out of the depths of our spirit. The goal of spiritual practices is to align with the dynamic movements of God within and around us. Christ’s spirit constantly speaks; and spiritual practices enhance our listening and our following.”

Indeed, Christ’s spirit will continue to speak – even after our Lenten learning. God’s vision will continue to emerge from within well beyond Easter Sunday. My hope is that we will continue to listen and to follow where the Spirit leads.

If you have been particularly impressed by one of the practices of Lent; or if you would like to gather with other spiritual seekers to explore further options, give me a call, or shoot me an email. There’s always room for your inspiration in the movement of the Spirit at 1st Church!

Rev. Donna

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