Spiritual Memoirs at the Library

BooksDo you ever wonder if the path your spiritual journey is taking is sometimes a little crazy with more than a few twists and turns?  I do.  Perhaps that’s why I like reading spiritual memoirs.  It helps me realize that I’m pretty normal.

If you  like  the spiritual memoirs of writers like Anne Lamott and Kathleen Norris, you might also be interested in the following writers.

After growing up as the children of missionaries, Sarah Miles’ parents left the church as adults and did not raise their children in the Christian faith.  Ms. Miles wandered into a San Francisco church one day and was so moved by the sacrament of communion that she kept coming back.  “Take This Bread” and “Jesus Freak” are about her experience of becoming a Christian and developing her food bank mission.

A common theme throughout Donald Miller’s books is trying to understand what “God the Father” means if you grew up without a relationship with your own earthly biological father.  His best-known book “Blue Like Jazz” is about finding himself (and God) in Portland, Oregon.  You’ll recognize many of his local hangouts and will be intrigued by his stories about small group Bible study at Reed College of all places.  His other books include “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and “Father Fiction.”

Lauren Winner grew up as the daughter of Christian mother and Jewish father, neither of whom were active in their faiths.  In her late teens, Ms. Winner set out on  spiritual journey to become an Orthodox Jew only to take a detour into Christianity.  She tells her story in “Girl Meets God” and “Mudhouse Sabbath.”

The titles mention above are available at the First Church Library.

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