Is It Just Me?…

We all make mistakes from time to time. It is a part of the human condition, to mess up occasionally, sometimes without even noticing it.

Such was the case for my daughter Kate recently, when she turned to me and asked, “is it just me, or am I really hot in here?” Obviously, Kate’s intentions were good, as she sought to check out everyone’s comfort level. But somehow, unconsciously, Kate’s perspective shifted, and all of her concern became focused on herself.

Is it just me… or am I really hot?!

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. And sometimes, we don’t even notice it when our perspective unconsciously shifts and our concern focuses only on ourselves. It happens to us as individuals, and it can happen to us as a church if we are not careful. It happens when

  • we forget Jesus’ instruction to Go into all the world to make disciples and instead wait for the world to come to us
  • or when we ask metaphorical or literal questions like Is it just us, or are we uncomfortable if we think about change?

It happens when we decide that we personally do not need to volunteer – that surely someone else will host a coffee hour, or spend the night at our shelter, or teach Sunday School, or sort food at the food bank, or…

It happens when we lose God’s perspective and focus on our own fears, worries, hopes and dreams. Everyone makes mistakes. I pray we will help each other avoid this particular mistake. Because it isn’t really just me (or you) or us together. There is a whole world beyond these walls in need of God’s love and looking for our help. Let us keep that perspective alive and well.

Rev. Donna

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