Moving On

Rev. Donna Pritchard
Preacher William Sloane Coffin once wrote:

It is God who says, “Behold I create all things new.”

Therefore God’s most persistent enemies must be those who are unwilling to move in new directions… If you choose, you’re sometimes wrong; but if you never choose, you’re always wrong.

And NBA star Michael Jordan echoes this sentiment when he says, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Unwilling to move in new directions…missing all those shots. Each of us could probably point to days, weeks – maybe even whole decades – when we found ourselves lacking the inspiration, or the courage, or the strength to move on. We all have been in places or in situations where we felt defeated before we even grabbed the ball to head toward the basket.

And I am convinced that the best way to break the inertia which grips us in those moments is to come together, to find support for movement and encouragement to take our best shot.

God is continually creating all things (even us, even our church!) anew. And when we let go of our fear, we find that moving on is always an adventure. We may make the right choices; we may sometimes stumble. But as long as we are moving, we are living.

In each of our lives – in our families – in our community – in our church – may God give us the grace to keep moving, and the courage to take our best shot.

Rev Donna

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