Rev. Donna PritchardIt was a great day today – when we celebrated 160 years of our Chancel Choir (did you know ours was the first organized choir west of the Mississippi, and that Portland’s 103rd Rose Festival Parade has nothing on us?!), and 40 years of Jonas Nordwall’s ministry as our organist.

It was a great day full of great joy. And yet it was not as remarkable as you might imagine. In my experience, you see, every day is a great day here at First United Methodist Church! Every day that we get to be together, every day we get to be in service to our community, every day we get to support one another and love the world around us… every one of those days is a great day.

I overheard someone in line for cake in Collins Hall this morning, a visitor who asked, “Is this church always this much fun? Is there always this kind of energy here?” And I was so very pleased when the cake server replied, “Oh yes! We love being together!”

Because we do love being together in a particular way. For we love being together as disciples of Jesus Christ. We love being together to be the church. For that I am so very grateful and often so very humbled, as I recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst and as I rejoice with you to be together.

So… see you next Sunday… or maybe tomorrow?!

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Donna

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