Off to Kansas

As I write this I am sitting in the Salt Lake City airport along with two of our leaders, Phyllis and Dan. We are waiting for our connecting flight to Kansas City, and the Church of the Resurrection’s annual Leadership Institute.

Church of the Resurrection (COR) is a United Methodist congregation which has grown dramatically over the past 15-20 years. How have they done it? By maintaining their focus… an almost monomaniacal attention to the work of local mission and the growth of disciples. From their beginning in 1990 COR has been committed to making a difference in the world AND in the lives of their members.

Today more than 15,000 people worship at one of the church’s campuses weekly and another thousand join them on the Internet.

What is remarkable about COR’s growth is that they have remained solidly United Methodist, and continue to provide a place for (as they put it) “thinking persons to come to faith.”

So why are we going there? Because we here at Portland’s First Church are also a place for thinking – and doing and being – when it comes to faith. And while our setting is not exactly the same as theirs, our faith tradition is… And we can learn from their experience.

So Phyllis, Dan, myself, (and tomorrow Allison too) will take plenty of “Notes along the way” as we all look forward to the unfolding of our “First Fruits”

Rev Donna

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