Happy New Year!

Rev Jeremy Smithhad a nice spirit-led convergence (which is pastor-speak for unintended) on Sunday between the worship service and the sunday class discussion.

In the Sunday class that I teach for young parents and couples, we watched Rob Bell’s Nooma series video “Rhythm” and it talked about how faith is finding a song that you set your heart to, and one that you live in harmony with. We talked about the value of being in an orchestra of others who keep us remembering who we and in what role we are at our best.

In the Sunday worship, we celebrated that we are at New Year’s Eve. What? Yes, the liturgical calendar that most churches use runs from December to the end of November. We celebrate Advent as the beginning of our year, so for the entire month of December we are anticipating the Christ Child being born, and we end with last Sunday – Christ the King – as the culmination of Jesus’ life being his role over all of Creation, not just his death on a cross.

Both of these lessons remind us that to the Church there is a cycle to our lives that exist outside of the calendar months. That the Christian year doesn’t begin in January full of debt from holiday binge-spending, but in December full of anticipation and celebration of what comes next. And the year ends not with questionable choices on New Year’s Eve, but with thankfulness for all that we have (and for some of us, shopping…so the metaphor isn’t perfect!).

My hope is that in those times in your life when you feel out-of-sync, when you feel like things are not going well, when the rhythm of life seems to drone on without you, that you start to wonder if you are living by the cycle’s of the calendar or by the cycles of the Christian year. That you are choosing to live by chronos time (the regular clock, which we all have to from time-to-time) instead of kairos time (meaning the Christian year’s sense of time).

I believe that by getting to know the alternative rhythm to life that doesn’t include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or “What did I just buy?” Wednesday, you might find yourself more in sorts this Holiday season. And you know that alternative rhythm through prayer, worship, study, and accountability with friends. Give me a call or email and I’m happy to give you something specialized to your needs.

Blessings and Happy New Year!

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