The ADVENT-ure Begins!

Pastor Donna at Zoo LightsBy the time you read this we will be about halfway through the first week of Advent, 2012. Advent is that season when we prepare for Christmas – spiritually as well as physically. Advent is all about reflecting on the past goodness of God, and preparing to receive anew the promises of God. Watch words for the season include waiting – hope – repentence – anticipation – blessing. Our theme for Advent worship this year is “Present(ce)… The Gift of Being There” I hope that you will take advantage of opportunities to worship, reflect, and renew yourself so that you can be truly PRESENT to the gift of God in your life this year. I ran across this poem which just might help to start us all off on the Adventure of the season:

“Practice Hope” – by Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Dare to practice hope.
Dare to let the assurance steal upon you
that something is coming,
something greater,
deeper, not merely more,
but more so.

This is not cheap optimism
that can be bought in any market,
not a careful figuring of odds
that can always be beat,
nor mindless abandon.

I mean attentiveness to the
dense but dappled energy
that rises within. I mean willingness
to be taken up,
to be wielded deftly in this rough world
by an art that is beyond you.

You are a thread in a tapestry
too large for you ever to see…
Practice hope… and then only afterward,
will you know that miracle of which
already you are a living sign.

Blessings – Rev. Donna

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