Hear About Medical Mission Work in Kenya!

AIDS Orphan ProjectOn March 24th, First Church is honored to welcome Stanley Imunyas, and Mary Gitari Imunyas, from the Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya. They will speak in the Fireside Room at Noon. A light lunch of Kenyan style stew, and salads will be provided.

Stanley is the director of the Hospital’s Community Health Department and AIDS programs, and Mary is the director of nursing.

The Maua Methodist Hospital was started in 1862 by the British Methodist Church. Today, it is the only full service health care provider in a district of 800,000 persons. It provides inpatient care for the critically ill. It offers community health training, personal hygiene training, school health services, and mobile medical services to many remote villages.

AIDS is endemic to the area. Through its AIDS Orphans Project, it provides community based programs, including food, primary education, and basic healthcare, giving orphans the chance to survive into adulthood with an opportunity for employment and self-sufficiency. Through its Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission program, it hopes to reduce the risk of HIV infection in newborns.

The work of the Hospital is supported by Methodists around the world through five Advance Specials, which allows Methodists to make targeted gifts in support of specific programs. For more information, visit www.umcmission.org.

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