Mini-West Depot Layette Kit Assembly Event a Big Success!

Layette Kit AssemblyOn March 10th, First Church members met in Collins to put 1,241 items into 73 Layette Kits! The Layette Kits will be taken to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) West Depot in Salt Lake City, and eventually sent to mothers in need around the world and in the United States.

The Layette Kit Assembly Event was the brainchild of the First Church Volunteer-in-Mission Team that worked at the West Depot in June of 2012. UMW members approached UMW to request funds to purchase flannel to be used to make baby gowns, blankets, jackets and diapers. The Tabitha Circle and its sewing group spearheaded the sewing effort, and were joined by other First Church members and their friends who like to sew. When the supply of flannel was exhausted, the sewers contributed more fabric. By March 10th, the sewing group had made 140 gowns, 84 diapers, 34 jackets, and 31 blankets! One UMW member even knitted 100 baby sweaters!

Layette Kit AssemblyThe Global Missions Committee accepted the assignment to organize the assembly event, and to solicit contributions of the additional items needed to make 73 kits – primarily more diapers (438 in total!), and 146 one-sies. First Church members responded admirably to this request, with donations of both items, and also money to purchase the balance of the kit components.

While we celebrate the success of March 10th, the Layette Kit project will continue! Many of the sewers have expressed a desire to continue making gowns and other items, and we still have more knitted sweaters to be used! The Global Missions Committee will seek contributions from local merchants of flannel, diapers and one-sies. The original goal of the First Church Volunteer-in-Mission Team was to make “a Pallet of Layette Kits”. A pallet holds 196 kits packed into 28 boxes for shipment to those in need. If additional donations are received, stay tuned for another Layette Kit Assembly Event, as we work together to achieve this goal!

West Depot Pallet Prayer

Most Gracious and Loving God, we come together to do your work: One item at a time, One kit at a time, One box at a time, One pallet at a time, to serve One person at a time, who is, One from the multitude of your children in need, across this world. Amen

Layette Kits

Sewing Materials

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