Eggs and Bunnies and Empty Tombs… Oh My!

Easter BunnyThere can be a lot of confusion about Easter, if you just consider the iconic symbols of our celebrations. Say Easter and what may pop into mind at first is “eggs”… or “bunnies”. Which have nothing to do with Gospel stories or faith traditions around the resurrection of Jesus.

So where did they come from? Well it turns out that the notion of an Easter Bunny is not really a modern invention. The rabbit served as a symbol of the pagan goddess Eastre, thought to be an early Germanic diety. Of course, the hare is also a well known symbol of fertility (think of all those rabbit reproduction jokes!), and by natural extension, it becomes a reminder of the renewal of life -which is certainly a Christian theme of resurrection.

How the rabbit got talked into delivering eggs – I don’t know. But of course eggs again hold the promise of new life, which again speaks of the possibilities for those who follow the Jesus Way. Jesus’ empty tomb – and God’s abounding love is always about the promise of new life.

Eggs… bunnies…empty tombs… and a newness of life filled with love…oh my! I’m putting on my Easter bonnet even thinking about the possibilities! Ooh…now what about those bonnets? Hmmm…

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