Sabbath – Taking a Time Out for Rest, Renewal, and Reflection

Rev. Donna PritchardSabbath – taking a time out for rest, renewal, and reflection – is an essential part of the spiritual life. I was reminded of that again recently while on retreat at the coast, when I ran across this quote from Judith Schulevitz:

The Sabbath is to the week what the line break is to poetic language. It is the silence that forces you to return to what came before to find its meaning. We have to remember to stop because we have to stop to remember.

It is indeed difficult to stay connected with our own spirits and to remember ourselves as spiritual beings if we never take the time to stop. If we never find, or create, those “line breaks” in time it is easy for one experience to flow into the next, one day to merge with the next, and one life to become hopelessly muddled in the routine of every day.

This is so important to the life of faith that Rev. Jeremy and I have planned a whole month of sermons to focus on Sabbath. During the month of July (when it’s “summertime and the livin’ is easy”…) our sermon series, “Give Me A Break!” will look at what it means to take the gift of Sabbath time seriously. Because we all need those breaks – from work, from the world’s demands, from our technology systems, from endless activity.

But don’t wait for July! You can begin right now to inspire and to claim your own Sabbath time – even a few minutes at a time. Trust me – it will be time and energy very well spent!

Grace and Peace,
Rev Donna

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