Wonder-Woman, Mr. Potato Head, Mickey Mouse, or Rex the Dinosaur

Toys on DeskWonder-Woman, Mr. Potato Head, Mickey Mouse, or Rex the dinosaur… Who am I going to be today? Not long ago I posed that question for our church staff, bringing in these various toys (and a few more) that normally sit on my desk. I asked them to look at all their options and then choose the “character” that described who they wanted to be that particular day – and why.

There were some great answers given – one person was drawn to Mickey Mouse because it happens to be one of those wobbling toys – when you push it, it falls over and then bounces right back up. Apparently she had been having the kind of week which required some patience with the “falling down” and persistence with the “bouncing back up”.

Another staff member immediately gravitated toward Mr. Potato Head because he re-create himself over and over again – a good reminder that we all have various “parts” and can choose to arrange them in the ways most beneficial to us in any given moment.

Someone else snatched up Rex, the green dinosaur from “Toy Story”, appreciative of this toy’s flexibility as it travels very quickly across a smooth surface by lifting its strong and meaty legs… but then turns out to be not very intimidating at all because of its tiny arms. Sometimes it is good to remember that we can move quickly without becoming overbearing.

And of course Wonder-Woman was a favorite of mine because she reminds me that each of us has it in our potential to be a superhero for the world. When we trust in God’s presence and believe in our own possibilities, amazing things can happen.

What about you? Who do you want to be today? And why might that make a difference not only in your life but in the life of the world? Can’t decide? Here are a few more options…

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Rev. Donna

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