UMVIM Team: Our Day at Deseret Industries

UMVIM Team in Salt Lake CityDay 3

No work at the West Depot today. We met Maika, FUMC Salt Lake City lay leader, at the depot and he took us to Deseret Industries for 2 hours of volunteer work and a tour of the facility. Deseret Industries purpose is to care for poor and needy, foster self reliance, and encourage service to others. This large welfare square consisted of a cannery, bakery, thrift store, storehouse, and job training.

Our 2 hours of service was very rewarding because we work alongside employees and many volunteers. Apple, oranges, and potatoes were put in 5 lbs bags. Time was spent on grooming the onion for their market shelves. Also, work was done in the recycling center.

What I saw during the 2 hrs of volunteer in service:

  • Service – Our volunteer hours with LDS church is towards the larger humanitarian aid.
  • Hope – A young man from Romania with both arms off at the elbows driving a fork lift and carrying 50 lbs bags of onion with a cheerful smile on his face.
  • Transition – A homeless man working for food and clothing.
  • Job Training – a disabled young man working at the center.
  • Partnership – Deseret Industries partners with UMCOR West Depot when purchasing supplies for our 7 relief kits.
  • Humor – A man asked the women if we were single because he was looking for a good Mormon wife. Someone said we were Methodist. His reply was “What are you doing here?”

Tonight we are having a dinner party. Originally, we had planned on some UMW women from the local church. Now the party is up to 19, because our fearless leader has included other house guests at the Episcopal Retreat Center. The dinner party will be fun. We are having stir fry. Better close for now, almost time to start chopping for the dinner party.

Blessings, Shirley

UMVIM Team in Salt Lake City

UMVIM Team in Salt Lake City

UMVIM Team in Salt Lake City

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