Bridges and Circles and Crosses and Colors… Oh My!

Rev Donna at Pulpit - CroppedBy now you have noticed our new First United Methodist Church logo … it’s at the top of the Home page and on pretty much everything we are producing these days.  In recent months we’ve been learning alot about branding and media footprints and logos, because it is important for us to communicate who we are as clearly as possible.  It is in claiming our identity that we live into it more fully. 

So while I could go on with great theological symbolism about circles and bridges, crosses and colors…while I actually have written about that in the latest issue of the Circuit Rider newsletter (you can download it from this site), what I want to point out today is the movement in the logo.  When you get right down to it, a bridge is all about movement.  It is about moving us from “point A” to “point B”.  It is about moving from here to there, from before to after, from then to now to then again.

Which is also what the Church is all about.  The Church, when it is healthy and vital and doing its job, is all about moving us from “point A” to “point B”.  It is all about moving us from one way of seeing the world into another way, one way of experiencing life into a new way.  It is about moving each of us individually and all of us collectively from the world as it is, to the world as it could be, given the fulfillment of God’s vision of love and creativity. 

So it makes sense for us to use a bridge (in our case, the Fremont bridge, so familiar to Portlanders) to capture a little bit of the health and vitality of First United Methodist Church, a place where we are constantly moving.  And where there is room for you to move alongside us! 



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