When a Mission comes Full Circle

Goose Hollow Family Lounge (After Renovation)

Goose Hollow Family Lounge (After Renovation)

Last week (through no merit of my own but they had extra food) I got to attend the “Thank You” Luncheon for the Homebuilders Association that donated significant amounts of work hours and supplies to the renovations of the Goose Hollow Family Shelter. You can see the renovations to the Shelter rooms by clicking here.

One story was shared that I thought was worth repeating. There are extra-heavy washers and dryers in the basement room that our guests use daily. During the renovations, the contractor had to move these monster machines out of the room and into the next one. A moving company was contacted and they donated two young strong guys to come and move them out, which they did efficiently and professionally. The renovations were done and the two guys were called again to put the machines back.

After the job was done, one of the guys said to the contractor “you know, I stayed here about a year ago.” He told a bit of his story which involved a slumlord and really bad rental property and eventual homelessness for him and his family. They stayed at the shelter for 32 days (the shelter’s average stay is 34 days from homelessness to transitional or permanent housing) and then he landed a job with a moving company–the same one he has today. So there he was a year later giving back to the shelter that had helped his family in the moment of need.

If you ask Brandi or any of the Shelter staff, they will tell you this is not an uncommon occurrence. That the lives that are held, nourished, and let free often find their way back in a new way to give back to this ministry that began with the church and now is its own initiative.

What a great story.

Blessings and see you Sunday. ~Jeremy


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