Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary

Rev. Jeremy Smith

Rev. Jeremy Smith

When I was in seminary, we were challenged to come up with a sixty-second sermon. Commonly called the “elevator sermon,” it is as if you were in an elevator with someone and they were “trapped” into listening to your minute sermon. While I would rather have sixty seconds of conversation , I still completed the exercise and turned in a 65-second sermon (so yes, I got a B+ on it…now you know).

Since the title was “making the ordinary extraordinary,” I thought it fit well with our sermon series on this topic this month. Here it is.

I believe in a God that makes the ordinary, extraordinary.
God who makes ordinary stuff into extraordinary means of grace.
ordinary water into the waters of Baptism.
bread and wine into Communion with Christ.
ordinary people like you and me into the Body of Christ.

Hear the Good News:
God takes our ordinary lives (Even yours!) calls them God’s own, and
molds them into extraordinary witnesses to the Kingdom of God.

Now with this great blessing comes great responsibility.
When you know an ordinary banana is picked by a child
who earns 17 cents a day;
When you know American gas is cheaper because of ethanol
which doubles the price of corn tortillas for the Mexican poor;
When you know a teenage girl is silent about her orientation
because she fears retribution…

For these ordinary people we must shed our silence,
break our own thresholds and witness for them.
No child of God is below the extraordinary.
Why can’t you be bothered with the ordinary?

While I doubt I will ever use it (as I said, I prefer conversation rather than power narratives, and it is less focused on a non-Christian than on a lukewarm Christian) I thought it might be helpful to you to hear.

  • What makes the ordinary, extraordinary to you?
  • How did we become obsessed with the extraordinary that we forget the ordinary people around us?

Come this next two weeks for the final segments in this sermon series. Blessings, ~Jeremy

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