The questions of a child

Rev Jeremy Smith


In one of my previous churches, I once entertained a children’s Sunday School’s request to do a “stump the preacher” moment in Sunday worship. The class was to bring me a hat with several questions in it, I would read them aloud in worship during children’s time, and then give them a response. While they thought it was a chance to make fun of the preacher, they didn’t know my secret motive was that then I didn’t have to prepare for children’s time and could do it by the seat of my pants! Ha! The request never materialized into an actual event, but I kept it filed away for the future.

This past Sunday, the Momentum class of 5th/6th graders followed this tradition by hand-delivering me a set of four questions that they had after reading the Genesis 1 story. Here they are:

1. If there was nothing, how could there be God?
2. Where did God come from? Who were God’s parents?
3. What does God look like?
4. How is God perfect?

Such terrific and scholar-worthy questions! I’m so glad that they not only had these questions, but they wanted to ask their lowly pastor!

I’ll be sending them my responses before their next Sunday School class. But for online readers, I’d like to share another response.

When I mentioned these questions on Facebook with my clergy friends, one of them gave a terrific response that I thought the adults would appreciate. What if we replaced every question about God with the word “love” since 1 John 4:8 states “God is Love.”

1. If there was nothing, how could there be Love?
2. Where did Love come from? Who were Love’s parents?
3. What does Love look like?
4. How is Love perfect?

How would you answer that? And would your answers be different from if they asked about God?

Powerful theological questions from the minds of children…may we all be refreshed and see the world through a child’s eyes.

Blessings, ~Jeremy

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