Posts from Cambodia: Sunday February 9

Methodist churchAnother beautiful, warm and sunny day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  After a lovely breakfast buffet, we departed our Golden Gate hotel to drive to Kampong Chhnang to visit our assigned Methodist Church.

Upon our arrival, our gracious host minister was introduced to us as well as meeting 185 children, of ages one year to 17 years old, that had gathered for our first Vacation Bible School.  After a greeting/sermon from our team leader Dee Poujade that was well received, she introduced the team members and held up a globe of the world to point out the homes in the US of all team members.  She showed the distance between our two countries.

Parachute Game

The team sang ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’ for our Cambodian children. The children loved participating in The Earth Terrain Parachute  Game.  This was followed by several art projects. After a fun several hours, the children departed after receiving cookies and juice.  A fun learning experience was had by all, adults and children.

Upon our departure, children and parents brought several fresh coconuts to our van as gifts to show their appreciation to our team.  What a great first day of Vacation Bible School with many more to follow!

Submitted by team member Patsy Perkins.

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