Posts from Cambodia: Monday February 10

At the Tree of Life Methodist Church, ready to start VBS

We started the day with a nourishing breakfast at the White Elephant Restaurant, and then continued on to the Tree of Life Methodist Church, a beautiful, spacious building in the middle of a grove of trees.  There is an adjacent building whi!h houses a Welfare Cultural Center, run by a couple who supervise the drying and packaging of mangoes, which are then exported to Korea!  We got samples, and they were very tasty.

Betty Cobb explains love for God's world to a group of Cambodian children

The morning VBS session started with songs of praise and a Bible study, given by Betty, on God’s world and the need to take care of it.  We then moved to a game and the session ended with a prayer – followed by Kool Aid and cookies.  There were about 30 children in the morning session, and 180 in the afternoon session.  At times, the noise level was deafening!  However, I was moved to tears to hear the children singing, “Yes, I love my Jesus.”  The children were very cooperative and well-behaved and seemed to be happy and well cared for.

We headed for our hotel about 4 pm to prepare for dinner and enjoy some R&R.  And to praise God for his grace and mercy to all.

By Rose Lauser

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