Posts from Cambodia: Thursday February 13

Today was a real change of pace for the team.  Instead of working with hundreds of children, as we have for the past four days, we had the pleasure of meeting with 35 or so women at the Horeb Methodist Church, not far from Kampong Spue.

The women were gathered there for their bi-annual District Women’s Fellowship, and we were the program!  It was nice to see several familiar faces of women we had met earlier in the week when we went to their respective churches to teach VBS.

Rose-Lauser_400x300After a time of singing and praying together, let by Sophany and another pastor, we were introduced, along with the theme for the day, “Women in the Bible.”

Linda-Anderson_300x400During the morning session, Rose gave an account of Mary and Martha, and Linda told the story of Ruth. 

Betty-Cobb_300x400After lunch, Betty gave a dramatic monologue depicting Queen Esther.

Following each presentation, the women were invited to share what they felt they had learned from these four women that was relevant to their lives.  Many thoughtful and touching stories and comments were shared by the women, telling how God had changed their lives and how they were working to develop greater faith to help their families and situations.

Some sharing had to do with some rather desperate physical conditions.  Before the beginning of the afternoon session, we all joined around these women, laid our hands on them, and prayed for them in our respective languages.

Our day ended with a feeling of loving connection with these lovely Cambodian women, most of whom we had only met that morning. It was an example of how God’s love and grace transcends all barriers of distance, language, ethnicity, lifestyle and age, and molds us into one.

By Betty Cobb

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