Posts from Cambodia: Monday February 17


We departed for the Angkor temples from our hotel at 8:30am. Our guide was a young man named Khim who led us thru these 1,000 year temples. He said they considered these as the Cambodian Cultural Center.

The early people thought they were built by the Gods, but it took 100 years and the project of three Kings. They had 20,000 elephants that brought the stone from 70 kilometers away. The tallest temple is 68 meters high. Four million people visited here last year. The first temple was discovered in 1858 by the French.

The centers of the temples represent the circle of life, compassion,serenity, mercy and love. Total peace of mind, nirvana, where all human traits such as greed, lust and materialism vanish. We all experienced this today.

Lunch was on site at the Blue Pumpkin. Our day ended there at 3:00pm.
We left headed for a tour of a Silk Factory where women have six month apprenticeships to help them with life skills for future employment.

Back to the hotel to freshen up and then went out for a buffet and cultural dance show.

It was a hot day – nearly 100 degrees – but was enjoyable.

By Linda Anderson

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