Stephen Ministry: Happy Retirement, Leif Terdal


Stephen Ministry, First United Methodist Church, wishes to acknowledge the retirement of Leif Terdal.

Leif served from 2006-2013,with skill and faithfulness as a Stephen Minister. Reflecting upon his role as a Stephen Minister during this time, Leif says, “I experienced the role of age, health issues and spiritual concerns as one gets old, older and more so. I appreciated the value of learning from my care receivers the importance of listening to their life stories.”

“Another activity that I gained much from as a member of First Church is Volunteers in Mission on several trips to Guatemala, one to Brazil, and one to Palestine. These trips broadened my understanding and appreciation of different cultures and the impact of missionaries on other societies.”

Leif, we are grateful for your 7 years of service. Thank you for your caring ministry to others.

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