Friends of Music Dinner: SOLD OUT

The Friends of Music Dinner is now SOLD OUT

Thank you for your generous support!


Add Your Voice to the Chorus: Support the Friends of Music

Other than salaries, the music ministry area of the church is funded by the interest from six endowments: Allen for music interns, Pipe Organ for maintenance of the pipe organ, Schlosser to tune pianos, Peterson to purchase new choir music, Covert to pay for instrumentalists and Nordwal Education for church organists to take lessons.

Three of these – Allen, Peterson and Covert – do not generate enough money to pay for the outlay that is needed to cover expenses each year. Thus, the Friends of Music was established in the late 1990’s. Besides helping out the three afore mentioned funds, the Friends of Music also pays for music for the Children’s Choirs, existing adult choir anthems that need more copies added to have enough for our growing choir, and special music offerings such as concerts and commissioned music.

Recently, we have added about $300 worth of music to the music library to have enough anthem copies for each person in the Chancel Choir. We have also paid a commission to have an Easter Anthem written for us using choir, organ, brass and percussion.

In order to continue funding the music program (which does not have a line item in the general budget) we must continue to raise money. The Friends of Music is the catalyst for doing that.

Our Friends of Music Mission Statement is: To sustain the high level of musical excellence at FUMC and reach out to the larger community by planning and carrying out activities that support FUMC music programs.

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