Compassion is not a Christian Thing

For our Sunday morning class The Gathering, we began a series on Compassion this past Sunday. We started out by looking at “The Golden Rule” in the Christian Tradition:

Christianity.GoldenRuleWhat many of us didn’t know is that a similar orientation towards compassion exists in other religions. For example, the Judeo-Christian religions all have some semblance of the concept:
Islam.GoldenRuleFor your further study, the full list is here of many world religions and their different takes on the idea of compassion, and a really long history of the Golden Rule is found here.

It’s a fascinating topic: what is it about religions that encourage and foster compassion? Do we need religion to be compassionate? Is compassion innate to everyone but hatred of the “other” is learned? How do you model and teach compassion to children and adults?

These are difficult questions that our class will be studying. I hope you can participate. Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in Room 204. While the class is geared towards parents of children and youth, all are welcome to discuss!

In the meantime, consider for yourself how you are practicing compassion, teaching compassion to others, and sharing God’s peace in all times and places. I’ll see you Sunday! ~Jeremy

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