FUMC Affirmed as “Creation Care Congregation”

In support of the environmental work done by our congregation, and to make explicit our church’s care for the earth, Planet Church presented to the Parish Conference a statement describing our creation care mission.

The statement, which was informed by the environmental stance of the United Methodist Book of Discipline, was a collaborative effort by all the members of Planet Church. It was brought to the Parish Conference on March 18th, where it received unanimous support. The full text of the statement is below.

Creation Care Mission Statement

First United Methodist Church of Portland, OR is a Creation Care Congregation. As part of that identity, the ministry , staff, and congregation recognize that all creation is under the authority of God; that all creation is interdependent; and that our covenant with God requires us to be stewards, protectors, and defenders of all creation.
Therefore, as a church community, we commit to:

  • Acknowledging the truth of the United Methodist Book of Discipline’s statement that “All creation is the Lord’s and we are responsible for the ways in which we use and abuse it.”
  • Bringing wholeness and healing to creation by nurturing and protecting our earth’s natural beauty and finite resources.
  • Acting out our faith and our covenant with God by earnestly and actively witnessing to others about environmental issues that threaten the well-being of humanity or any of God’s creatures.
  • Contributing toward ongoing efforts to combat the long-term consequences of climate change, acknowledging the role of humanity as a key contributing factor.
  • Supporting the United Methodist Book of Discipline’s call for all governments to require reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and for individuals, congregations, businesses, industries, and communities to voluntarily reduce carbon emissions in their own daily lives.

The Earth is a precious, God-given gift that is now under siege. It is our responsibility as people of faith and global citizens to turn the tide and to bring about healing and renewal of this planet we call home – both for ourselves, and for all the generations who will live with the world we leave behind.

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