FISH Emergency Services Changes Name

Mainspring Portland is the new voice for Portland Poor and Hungry.  Mainspring operates a food pantry for children, families and seniors.

The food First Church donates each month (first Sunday of the month), goes to those in need via a “grocery store” model pantry.  The pantry “shopping” takes place each Monday through Wednesday from 9:30am until 1:30pm.  Participants are invited to come in and pick up food once per month.  Mainspring also operates a “clothing pantry” for children, families and seniors in need.  If you have unwanted clothing items, please bring them in and drop in the Mainspring Portland collection barrels along with your much needed non-perishable food donations.

Mainspring also participates in legislative advocacy to promote funding for programs that address economic hardship including food insecurity.  Did you know the one in four children in Oregon lives in a home that is below the poverty line?  Our First Church donations are a big boost to those in need.  Please help by continuing to support our FISH – now Mainspring Portland – food and clothing collection efforts!

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