Planet Church: Save Endangered Animals Oregon

Visit the Planet Church table in the Commons on Sunday, April 3rd, and at other times in the coming months to join us in gathering signatures to put the “Wildlife Trafficking Prevention Act” on the Oregon ballot this November.

This act would severely restrict the sale of parts of 12 charismatic and highly-trafficked animals (including elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers, lions, leopards and others) within Oregon, and would complement other legislation which similarly restricts the trafficking of animal parts across state lines.  Washington and California have already passed similar acts, and Oregon’s passage of the Wildlife Trafficking Prevention Act would produce a firewall against trafficking in key west coast states.

The act is being sponsored by Save Endangered Animals Oregon ( , a grassroots group which has gathered support from a wide variety of statewide and national organizations, including The Humane Society of the United States, the Oregon Humane Society, The Audubon Society of Portland, Defenders of Wildlife and numerous others. Planet Church is pleased to add our voice to support the care of creation in this important way.



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